Installing Drain Pipes Without a Plumber

With all the current problems, it can be tough to find a plumber. Most of them are either booked, can’t work due to health reasons, or do not want to risk coming into customer homes during crisis. As a community that fixes problems, instead of complaining about them, we’ve reached out to a local plumber to help explain a few things. Some home improvements can not wait. We all need a proper source of running water, right?

Please check out the provided information if you are interested in such a repair/replacement. Feel free to book an emergency appointment if you are in Durango.

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Performing a plumbing job can be tranquil when you take the necessary steps to install the drain pipes in the kitchen sink, and by doing it correctly, you won’t leak for long.

If you want smoother results, we recommend that a plumber performs this installation because they have the capacity, knowledge, and tools to perform this job. Within 60 minutes, they can repair or replace the sink drain system.

Installing Drain Pipes

It’s necessary to buy a new kit to be installed, in which you have to measure the tube to ensure that they have the same dimensions and avoid cutting the pipe to adapt the new system to the sink.

1) Close the water valve
The first step for installation is to close the particular source of the sink or the primary source of the water inlet of the house; this specification prevents flooding from the source. Skipping this step can cause water damage, as well as get you or your plumber drenched. If you are still having issues finding your water shut-off click to see which spots you may be glossing over.

2) Check the pipe measurements
Proceed to measure the new pipe to fit perfectly in place and avoid cutting any excess. There are different methods for measuring and cutting your pipes. Be sure to do some research to avoid costly mistakes! Pipe caliper tools will make this step much easier.

3) Clean the rust
Using a multitude of plumbing products you can remove rust from the main tube so that the water flow is efficient. Depending on the pipes you have, this cleaner can change. It’s important that you have a very clean surface for a perfect seal! Naval Jelly can be found online for the best results in most scenarios.

4) Cut the excess trap
Avoid hindering the flow of water. Use a cutter or hacksaw, cut the excess pipe from the trap that remains on the inside of the primary metal pipe.

5) Install the top of the trap
At this point, you place and adjust the part of the T that captures the water from the sink and the point where you fit each tube of the trap, try to put the pipe upwards to prevent the water from returning.

6) Tighten the threads
While measuring and adjusting, the trap does not tighten the threads until everything fits perfectly. Proceed to tighten the rocks of the trap.

7) Use Teflon tape
You put the Teflon tape around the tube of the trap that connects to the central metal tube; this will allow a better seal to be created by pushing the start of the hatch to the metal and tighten the thread by hand.

8) Time of the test
Collect a quantity of water in the sink and flow down the installed drain to ensure there is no water leakage.

In case there is water dripping, do not tighten the threads anymore because you can damage the grip. We recommend to use the Teflon tape at each connection of the drain and create a protective layer that prevents the passage of water.
You do the water test again, and you will realize that there will no longer be any dripping.

9) Wipe off excess water
If excess water remains on the cabinet floor when testing. Proceed to clean and dry very thoroughly so as not to damage the wood of the cabinet.

Sink with Disposer

If you have installed a sink with disposal, make sure you take note of this section. First, you should install the garbage disposal because of its large size. Locate it where it best suits you. Then connect each pipe from the direction of the passage of food to the disposer.

Next, locate the curved end of the pipe at the end of the disposer. Place it toward the tailpiece of the trap and continue to perform each of the specified steps.

Congratulations you’ve done it!

Still, having issues? Reach out to a qualified professional for help. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur during the process. If you have any questions reach out to Durango Plumbing’s Facebook, as they are very responsive. Please remember if you are to perform this, to double-check that the main water supply is shut off. Things can get nasty very quickly if this step isn’t taken seriously.

This installation is simple to execute for a plumber, but if you want to save some dollars, you can follow this step by step. This process will effectively obtain excellent results.

However, if you want a job with a better finish, it is better to hire a plumbing specialist to install the sink pipe correctly. Even so, the guide provided indicates the step by step and the best recommendations for adjusting the drain pipes. Remember that patience and using correct tools to ensure a proper installation. Never rush a job!

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