Adding Some Taste to the Web

Glad you decided to join us! In times of stress and mostly hatred, we’re here to provide you with some positivity. Looking into some of the aspects of our community, and talking about them openly with one another is extremely important. Durango, Colorado, has always been a place of lower crime rate, higher economic climb, and support. Recognizing this and understanding where we stand socially is the utmost requirement. Mandatory for us as a community, as well as individuals. We shall stand against these continuous acts of violence by playing a part in our community of recognition and awareness. Donations and petition signing will also only go so far for so long. It’s of dire need that we all vote in these upcoming elections, locally, and country-wide. If you have any information that we can use to make this wild rose of a community better off, please don’t hesitate to share. In the coming weeks, be ready for some intellectual content that gives us all a broader look into our country and our community.